Share Your Story

Our Objective: 

Our most basic initiative is to create an authentic company by associating and developing a network of inspirational people and stories. Our company is built from the ground up, with women that stand for and believe in making a change.
If you can relate to this message, please share your story of mpowherment that reveals the real you, the challenges you have overcome and why you feel mpowhered! You will be the spark to someone else's story, please share yours! 

Step 1: Introduction

Provide a real life testimonial, that motivates and encourages mpowherment among women all around the world. 

-Start with some background: Tell our readers who you are, your background, and your accomplishments. 

Step 2: Create Your Story

Think about your life journey. Create a picture, take our readers with you!

  1. What did you have to overcome?
  2. What controversy have you faced?
  3. Think about what motivated you to keep pushing or work harder?
  4. Who did you look to for guidance and support?
  5. Where are you now? How has your experience helped you grow?

Step 3: Share

We are striving to capture the real you and your journey will be shared with others, which will become the spark to someone else's story! Stories will be shared on our website, blog and other forums. 

Upload your story below!