Become an Influencer

What are Mpowher Influencers?

Women who want to inspire, motivate and promote the empowerment of women, are active, and want to make a change. The Influencer program is a way for women to directly be involved with making that change, while helping with different grassroots marketing initiatives and product testing. They represent Mpowher Apparel in their cities & communities and help us grow through social media and word of mouth. They brainstorm with our team on new ideas, product development, give feedback, and get some sneak peeks along the way. Influencers become our partners and friends. 

Tomorrow's favorite brands are being developed today!

Becoming an Influencer!

  • Use your social media influence to post about Mpowher
  • Spread the word about Mpowher in your community, campus, social network, family and friends
  • Wear Mpowher Apparel swag to work out, hanging with friends and around town
  • Give feedback and brainstorm with Mpowher Apparel
  • Creating all types of content you love, including snaps, pics, videos, graphics and more
  • Help with future product development

How do I become an Influencer?

Submit a quick email detailing why you would be a great Influencer! Looking forward to hearing from you!