Learning to Be Moved


Today we are stepping in the shoes of a woman who was missing her purpose and the path that she walked to find her happy place. Walk along with us as we dig deeper into the journey of a women who risked it all to empower herself and others.

Taking a leap of faith can be hard, especially when you know it might flip your world upside down. The future can be a scary place, and the uncertainty of tomorrow can create this imaginary box that we tend to live inside. We find security in our jobs, relationships, and the life that we know. Stepping away from this can be frightening because we don’t have a magic ball that will tell us exactly what will happen when we make a decision. I hope that this story will help you take a leap of faith in your own life, to step away from your comfort zone and live exactly how you want to.

Tara Massan had it all, a steady paying job, security in a good home, and great relationships. She worked over a decade as a paralegal for a trustee and prestigious law firms in Minnesota, where she knew her craft inside and out. She had defined and redefined exactly what she needed to do to be the best in that position. Everything was exactly as it should be... or was it? A wall of depression hit Tara, there was no fulfillment within her job. Tara was in it for all the wrong reasons, ie. the paychecks, fear of what would happen without the job, and security. This kept building to the point where Tara was unpleasant to be around. Now more than ever Tara needed a change. As she came to that realization, it wasn’t a quick snap of the fingers, it was a process that took a great deal of thought.

“this life or something better?”

 Tara’s turning point came one day when she was at work. An attorney she had reported to had come in and yelled at her for no justified reason. This treatment was very undeserved. Tara had left for the day because she could not stay for one more second at the office. On her drive home a thought hit her that she couldn’t drop, “this life or something better?” Tara became obsessed with this question. As she started to think about this question it became apparent that she had lost herself, who she was, who she wanted to be and what she truly stood for. Once this became apparent it was imperative for her to ponder what exactly she stood for. This led to a change in habits, small at first, but eventually they turned into a lifestyle. “Until you start acting on dreams they are just a wish.”

“Until you start acting on dreams they are just a wish.”

 One little change that was made was turning the daily commute into a classroom by listening to podcasts on her way to work. This small insignificant change, actually made a huge impact. She heard the words, “if energy is drawn to movement, then let yourself be moved.” The second those words graced Tara’s ears she knew that they would change her life. She continued to write the quote down, digesting it in her mind, and trying to figure out how this was going to fit into her everyday life. She didn’t know what it meant but it held a lot of weight and she knew that she needed to pay attention. She became obsessed with this thought, little did she know that it would lead to the beginnings of her new journey and website called Be Moved. A space where people can go to join a welcoming community that makes it easy for everyone to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

“if energy is drawn to movement, then let yourself be moved.”

Tara had come to the realization that in her own life she was constantly chasing happiness instead of creating it, and decided that she could help others with their own lives by helping to find their purpose. “It isn’t until you truly believe in yourself and know that you have a gift to offer the world and if you ignore that you are doing a disservice to the whole world,” Tara said. Follow the path that the universe is leading you down, when you surrender to that and let things grow organically, everything will change.

This amazing story of change and uncertainty only became possible by eliminating fear. If Tara didn’t leave the security of what she knew, her life wouldn’t be fulfilled. We all need to become aware of limiting beliefs. Tara discovered that you have to ask yourself two questions when you catch yourself thinking negatively or having limiting beliefs or fears. 1) Is this fear true? 2) What is the opposite of this fear? Tara feels that it is imperative that everyone needs to figure out what you do and do not stand for, these pillars of truth will guide you when uncomfortable situations appear. And second to live your life with reckless abandon, zero regrets, whatever you want to do start today!


Tara is a the founder of Be Moved, an online community that shares stories, tips and posts about finding your happiness. This community is about ideas and stories that can bring people together under a common goal: “To help others live a happier and more fulfilling life.” If you’ve been having questions about how to move forward in your life please join this amazing community. Tara is also a certified life coach and is currently taking on new clients, for more information check out http://www.foreverbemoved.com/coaching/.

To become more connected with Tara and the Be Moved community check out Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“Let yourself be moved!”

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