How to Become a Healthier Happier You


As we find ourselves heading into a season where everyone’s workouts and health take a backseat, thoughts of …. let’s take the month off because there are so many goodies and the last thing I want to do is exercise…. Isn’t that why we came up with New Year’s Resolutions in the first place, so we can kick it into gear in January?! This year, let’s change this thought process!

I had the great opportunity to interview Nadia Murdock of Nadia Murdock Fit to give us some insight on how to make a “healthier happier you” a “lifestyle” thing instead of a when it “feels good” thing. There are three factors to making a successful lifestyle change. 1) Body Change 2) Mindset Change and 3) Social Change. Nadia is a great inspiration because she didn’t make a resolution that would come and go with the wind, she truly made a lifestyle change and focused on getting her body into shape and also her mind. Nadia’s lifestyle change was not based on a whim, time of the year, or a New Year’s resolution, it was driven from her desire to become healthy and happy. Let’s dive into Nadia’s story!

As a Psychology major Nadia was well aware that you could not be truly healthy if your mind and body were out of sync. Even though she began with the physical changes, the mental changes soon followed. As Nadia started her fitness transformation she was gifted a gym membership from her brother. This empowered her to become committed to consistently working out and attending as many fitness classes as possible, reading fitness magazines and researching new workouts. Soon this side hobby, which she truly loved, became a way of life and a career.

Nadia reflected on how her healthier happier journey, came with some changes. Physically, nutritionally and socially. In regards to nutrition, she found herself starting with the appealing “quick fix diets,” but as you may have guessed none of them were working. It wasn’t until a friend suggested a new direction of  crafting a change in mindset. She opened herself up to start loving fruits, vegetables, whole grains and water. Foods that are truly delicious, but can be easily overlooked. This shift in thinking completely changed both her mental and physical state and in return she started seeing long lasting results.


“It’s so hard to see things through a positive lens when your social circle is not positive”

After she was excelling and halfway through her journey, she became acutely aware of the need of positive encouragement and support. Some people in her life were not allowing her to be the best person that she could be and in a way were holding her back from her full potential to the point where it became toxic. “It’s so hard to see things through a positive lens when your social circle is not positive” Nadia said. Nadia will be the first to tell you that this was no easy decision, but she knew she needed to cut out the negative and bring in more positive. As she began surrounding herself with a like minded community, it became easier to live a positive and fruitful life.

For those who are are looking to create a healthier mind and body heading into this Holiday season, keep Nadia’s key’s in mind as you embark on your healthy journey. “The two go hand in hand (healthy mind and body), once you realize that it’s easier to create both. Setting realistic goals and being forgiving of yourself is key, it will make your fitness journey a healthy one and you are more likely to stick to your new lifestyle habits. Acknowledge your accomplishments big or small, will help you to keep pushing forward.” So as we push forward into this season 1) Set realistic goals 2) Be forgiving to yourself and 3) Acknowledge your accomplishments, big and small.


Nadia has a huge heart for helping people become physically and mentally fit. If you feel like you need some more guidance in either of these areas please feel free to reach out to Nadia on her website Nadia Murdock Fit. You can also read more about Nadia’s Journey by reading her book You Can Have It All.


Find Nadia Murdock on all your favorite social sites, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check these out to get some great motivation from Nadia.

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