How Dogs Saved My Life

My name is Alexis Malone and I am a canine behaviorist. That’s right, I work with a pack of dogs, each dog coming to me for their own behavioral issue. Human aggressive dogs, dog-aggressive dogs, dogs with severe separation anxiety, whatever the case may be, I rehabilitate them with the help of my balanced pack. Typically, I find myself working with an average of ten dogs at a time. The most inspiring part about my career story is that at the lowest point in my life, it found me.

I am a college dropout. When I left, I was an over-privileged, undereducated and unemployed twenty year old trying to find my way in the world. School wasn't working, so I moved to something that was, my relationship. I found myself in Colorado, following a guy (that I am still head over heels for), hoping for a customer service job anywhere.

One reason I needed to leave home and head to Colorado was my relationship with my parents. After dropping out of school and living at my mom’s with my first dog, my mother came to the conclusion that I wasn’t a proper fit for my pup, so my dog was euthanized. This set off my career, although at the time I didn’t know.

I decided to move out to Colorado, rescue another dog and be the best owner I could possibly be. I was determined and I wouldn’t let any BS happen again like it did to my last. I self educated myself, mainly studying Cheri Lucas and Cesar Millan. I read, watched, and constantly engrossed myself in anything related to dogs. I knew that I had seriously messed up with my last and that guilt drove me forward.

Once I adopted my second dog, Molly, I bumped straight into my career, on my daily walk one morning. The woman I ran into was Erika Hall and she had SEVEN dogs on her. Seven! All walking beautifully in heel, an energy I couldn’t ignore. “Excuse me!” I shouted, “How do you do that?” Comically, this is a question I now hear numerous times a day but little over a year ago, I was the one asking. 

Meeting Erika led me to my dream, and it fell into my hands just like that. I worked my ass off so Erika would take me as a serious consideration for hire, and soon enough I was on board. Erika saw potential in me that I didn’t know was there, and I am forever grateful. She is my mentor and a person I trust with my life.

 Now, working with my pack has made me overcome my past anxiety, fear, nervousness and overexcitement that I acquired over the years of uncertainty in my life. I learned that I must live in the moment or my pack can’t function properly. What I didn’t realize at the time, Erika was my turning point, my enlightenment. What I have learned over the past year has obviously made me a great trainer, but an even better human being. I wasn’t a happy person when I first met Erika. Now, I know how to remain calm and assertive every moment of my day; I live fully in the now. I’ve learned to project the positive and work through the negative. My job has changed so many things about me but my mindset has to be the greatest achievement of all. I’m so proud of myself and where I have come.

I chose to fight, and the reward has never been so great. Ask any eight of my dogs, they simply can’t follow an unbalanced leader. 

My life mission is to save as many dogs from euthanasia as possible and to help owners unleash their full potential. I may be a dog trainer, but I like to think that my training changes my client's lives in the most unexpected ways possible, and that is why I love my job. 

Thank you,
Lexie Malone

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